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How to I save .WAV using microphone and DAQ?


Thank you for your interest.

I want to create a wav file from a signal from an analog mic in the headphones and analyze the voice.

The modules used are DAQ-9191 and NI 9234.

I used the IEPE-continuous inpu example, but I can not check the signal.

I also do not know how to save this data as a wav file.

I would like to expand the channel to three (three inputs at the same time).

I do not know the example.

Help me, please.

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Hi heojw,


LabVIEW comes with a huge example library. Did you examine all those VIs?


There are examples on how to read one (or more) voltage signals using DAQmx. Those examples also explain how to read those signals as waveforms.

There is a whole palette of "Graphics&Sound" functions. There are also functions to read/save waveforms from/to WAV files…


When you have problems to combine all that functionality you should attach your VI and ask specific questions for that VI!

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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Hi heojw


I guess your example code is running without error. 

I think you should check your mic. to see if the mic. generates the signal correctly.

And then check your set parameters such as IEPE Excitation Source, IEPE current value according to the specification of your mic. 

You also want to check the parameters under "Sound Pressure" 


Here is the instruction link for the example.


I think "Saving wave file" should be done separately and combine it late when you build a running code separately. 

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