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How to I import MAX 4.6 config files into MAX 5.5? Missing Data Neighborhood. Strain gage set up is different.

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I have been trying to import my config file from MAX 4.6 into a new system running MAX 5.5 and daq 9.8.


The data neighborhood does not appear, however my application sees the information. How can this be remedied? Start over?  I have a lot of inputs and would rather not have to recreate all of them.


What is the difference between the strain gage settings in MAX 4.6 and MAX 5.5? The selection box for the bridge in 4.6 has a selection for "let niDAQ choose". Seems that is necessary to use the 4.6 config data. Try though I might, the readings in 5.5 do not match those in 4.6.     Is there a work around fo this? I don't want to have to perform an entire system calibration.




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Sounds like you only have the DAQmx Runtime installed.  You need to also install the DAQmx Configuration support in order to get the data neighborhood to show up in MAX.

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Attached JPG's.


Here is more information regarding the MAX Strain Set Up.


Attached are screen shots from MAX 4.6 and MAX 5.5. 


Hardware:  PXI chassis with bridge to a PC.  SCXI-1520 input card.

Software: Old system:  Windows XP SP2 running MAX 4.6 with niDAQmx 9.0.2,   programming in LabView 2011

                   New system: Windows 7 running MAX 5.5 with niDAQmx 9.8.  Programming in LabView 2013


5.5:  What is the gage factor?  Is that the mv/v sensitivity of the load cell?

5.5:  Asks for Gage resistance, easy to look up and I entered the data, 350.

5.5:  How do I determine the Initial Voltage?

5.5:  No choice of using V Excitation for scaling

5.5:  Is Full Bridge I the same as 4.6 Full Bridge?

5.5:  Requires use of Strain in scale factor


4.6:  Requires use of Volts in scale factor (flags an error if I try Strain and requests Volts)

4.6:  Choosing to use Vex for scaling makes readings look similar to 5.5 readings, but still not correct. ie around -79 in 5.5 and around -50 in 4.6 vs. 5.2 without.


Is there a way to set MAX 5.5 so that it provides the same starin set  up function as 4.6? If so, what is it?



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Thank you  Minor for your suggestion:


When creating the Global Channel, Use    Analog Input,  Custom Voltage with Excitation to match MAX 4.6 settings.

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