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How to Generate IQ complex waveform from a given sine waveform



I would like to generate the IQ waveform from a sine waveform.

from the graph below


niRFSG Write Arb Waveform (CWDT)


I have read all the materials but i don't seem to be able to convert the sine waveform to IQ waveform to be written to the RFSG.


Any help will be highly appreciated



Best RegardsSmiley Wink

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Your image did not show up.  Use the little tree icon in the bar immediately above the text body ox when you post.  That icon allows you to insert an image directly into to message you post.



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I will post the picture in 2 hours but if it helps it tis the niRFSG write waveform module.


I can briefly explain;

I have to write a sine waveform using the niRFSG write  module. I will need to transform the sine into a IQ complex data for this purpose. is this possible?


thank you



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It should be possible if you are using NI hardware. Look in the example finder of LabVIEW and search for IQ. You should find and example called "RFSG Arbitrary Waveform". This should give you a good start.

Now Using LabVIEW 2019SP1 and TestStand 2019
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Hello winnniewanda,


you may take a look to this other DF:


How to convert waveform data to IQ data?


Please read the answer from the engineer fron NI UK, I believe this will give an idea about the math to perform the conversion between waveforms.


Warm regards


Mart G.

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thank you again for the quick response.

I looked at the example, but it seems both the I and the Q are the same. are they suppose to be the same?


thanks again

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Here is the picture of the module that I would like to use


Thanks again for all your inputs

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