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How to Generate Excel XY Scatter Smooth Chart in LabVIEW?

Hi all


First of all i am a beginner. We can plot the XY Scatter Smooth graph in excel using Report Generation toolkit but how can we generate that in labVIEW? In my application maximum we use only 5 points to plot a graph. From the graph we want to find the X value for a fixed Y value. Manually how i do is i will create an XY Scatter smooth graph in excel and will find the Y value. If we plot this 5 point in LabVIEW it will not be smooth curve and i tried many curve fitting subVI's for making it smooth. But we cannot generate the plot exactly that of excel. Is there any way to read the chart from excel?


Please help me.


Thanks & Regards

Rajesh R. Nair

Rajesh Raghavan Nair

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Rajesh, I believe I may have what you are looking for. I have some images of the code I have made that generates a XY scatter smooth graph in excel based on a two dimensional array of X and Y points.


The Code:


The Result in Excel:



Please let me know if this is what you are looking for,

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