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How to Define Limit to Numeric Control

Dear all,


I am controlling a motor which is pressing to load cell. I am controlling the motor position with a numeric controller in the front panel, the question is when i  accidently enter a large value(undesired motor's new motor position), than it could damage the load cell.


In this case : Can we arrange a numeric control in the front panel so that it can accept numbers only between "0" and "10".


Also : Is it also possible to arrange this from block diagram with wiring reference element as maksimum limit to the numeric control ?


Kind Regards,

Best Wishes.

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Dont know of any specifc way to to this, could use a slide bar instead, and make to top limit the highest number you wish to go to. Or you could program in a safe gaurd using a case statement. "If the number entered is grater than a value allowed", write the highest value allowed,( you could add a boolean light to indicate that this has happend also) else, write the number entered.


Hope this helps.

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Right click on your numerical control, go to properties, click the 'Data Entry' tab. Un-tick 'Use Default Limits'.

You can now set Minimum, maximum, Increment etc.


This can be done with a property node too if you want to change the values programatically.



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Thanx guys, both ways are helpful. I will try it on weekend.


Kind Regards.

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Following setting the "Maximum Limit" for the desired value, is it possible to programatically save this "Maximum Limit" as the default "Maximum Limit" for that numerical control? I mean, even closing the VI and opening again the "Maximum Limit" will be the one that was set programatically before.





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As long as you've saved the VI after setting the new limits either manually or programatically, the new limits will be there when you reopen the VI.

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