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How to Control Four Wires Stepper Motor Using Four lines Digital Output in DAQmx

In my project I want to control four wires stepper motor using four lines digital output in CompactDAQ. as shown in the snapshoot of the code I want the motor moves with the changing in the slide which should be replaced later by the output from a PID controller.

Now the motor move one step only when I run the program, but there is mo movement whin I move the slide up and down. please if you have any suggestion, I would appreciate it.



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Help us -- don't send a picture of LabVIEW code, but attach the actual VI so we can inspect it, edit it, run it, etc. without having to try and copy it from a small image.


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob,

please find attached VI of my code.

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You wired a true constant to the stop terminal so as expected it will only do one step. Moving the slide doesn't make any sense, the drive need to respect a specific sequence.


Additionnally you said you have a four wire stepper, usually a 4-wire stepper is bipolar and the sequence you are using is for a unipolar stepper (which usually has 6 or 8 wires).


Finally, are you sure your daq module can source/sink enough current to drive your motor? A stepper driver usually uses a bridge.



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Thank you Ben64, actually, the four wires are for controlling the movement of the stepper motor only and the motor is provided with 12 volt directly from power supply. the motor actually six wires. it is my mistake to say four wires, but becuse two wires conected to power, I am now concern with the four wires only.

what I need is to provide a correct sequence to run it. the slide I put it only trying to test the movement. this slide should be replaced later with a value coming from PID controller.

what do you suggest to do to make it move correctly.


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