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How to Allocate desired X-Axis(frequecny) value to the marker of trace in VNA through LabView Coading

Hi Folks!!


I am working on a project which includes the interfacing of the agilent pna x 5242 with LabView through GPIB port. Most of the helping material and codes are available but i am stuck on a marker problem.


I successfully created the markers on the trace but I am not able to place the marker on my desired X-axis frequecy point, as i required the corresponding Y-axis value. manually this problem is a piece of cake but unfortunately through labview coading it is getting difficult for me.
kindly let me know if there is existing LabView VI or command.


right know i am getting my markers at center frequecy point.


here are attached few parts of my codes ....






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Hi T@bi,


I would imagine that the driver for your Agilent device has the VIs you want? You appear to be using some of the VIs in the driver in your code. Have you tried looking at the VI tree for the driver? If you go into the palette for the instrument, likely in the Instrument IO palette>>Instr Drivers>>Agilent 5242 and then the VI tree, and place it down in the block diagram and then double click it, it will give you the VIs in the driver and their dependencies. There may be examples included too.



Rahul B.
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