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How to ADC port from LM3S8962

Hi guys,


I tried to use ADC port from LM3S8962 to read voltage instead of using DAQ, but I dont know why it doesnot work when I connected the pin AD0 to analog source.


After that, I changed to use PA7 to connect to +5V in order to see the reaction of LED from front panel, it doesnot light also.


Is anyone can help me to figure out this?



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Hi LM3s8962,


How have you done the software to acquire from the board?


You can refer to this Getting Started Manual (pg 😎 for step-by-step instructions on how you can program with Elemental I/O on the Luminary Micro board.



Boon Chen

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It doesn't really helpful. I am doing research on this topic also and I can hardly find any useful resourses. Is there anyone in this community can actually help us (who are struggling so hard to learn new things).. Smiley Frustrated 


Is there any resources or e-book for us to refer to? Regarding sample code and tutorial? 


Oh dear~ 

Warmest Regards,


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Hi Kent,


I think Boon Chen might have point out the easiest guide to follow on programming the LM3S8962. There are mainly 2 methods by which you can program the Evaluation board, Embedded C or LabVIEW for ARM microcontroller. If you are keen to using the latter, I would suggest that you first have a hand on how to do programming using LabVIEW


Then from there work on the guide that Boon Chen had pointed out or find similar other resources from this discussion forum post.


Do let me know how it turned out for you.





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if you're looking for a reference book to work with labview and microntrolador cortex M3 LM3S8962 this book can be


if you want to learn and deepen the graphical programming can be seen

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