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How the gRPC source code is maintained and what is the standard procedures to be followed while developing gRPC based framework?

Hi Team, We are developing a framework in LabVIEW which we have separated into front end and backend communicated using gRPC. Since it is a huge framework, each event from the frontend will be sent to the backend using gRPC, for each event we have a single protobuf file and one service. But going forward, it becomes a tedious process to maintain all the server and client code separately. Currently we are following a queue-based approach, where the event from UI will call the client APIs using a queue and the server APIs after getting the request will communicate to the backend module using the queue. Can anyone please explain/help me in what is the best procedure and standards that are to be followed while developing a gRPC based framework?

We are developing a framework using gRPC as a communication protocol between front end and backend. Since it is huge framework, gRPC based APIs maintainability becomes difficult. We were creating a class for each utility. What is best way to maintain this for easy access and modifications in the future?

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