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How receive image from camera with PCI-bus

Hello all

Please help me.

I have LV 7.1.1.

I wont watch two and more images from cameras at the same time.

I have capture card (PCI-bus) with 4 video-input.

What kind of data must be transfered from this capture card  to LV?

 With respect



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Hello Aleksandr
please provide more information, what type of video card do you have?
Have you configure the card so you can watch an image with MAX?
I suppose the card has the ability to capture more than one image at a time is that true?, however most of the cards that I know of, have several inputs but you can only display one image at a time, you can swith between them and capture and image from another input, to capture more than one unit at a time you would need to open/close sessions with the instrument/card such that you are switching from one input to another
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Hello Vicente.
Thanks for the attention.
Video Card is IVC-100, IVC-200 from:
With respect

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