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How much time to spend planning/defining how to architecture the CLD examn

Going through the sample examns..


How important is to plan on paper the cld problem? do you dedicate around 30 minutes or more?



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Tell the truth, I never mapped it out on paper.  I just practiced over and over until I could recognize the kind of design pattern I would need for a given problem.

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I think I spent around 20 minutes reading the prompt and planning. I have yet to see a prompt that couldn't be done with an event driven state machine so I wouldn't worry too much about architecture. My "planning" was just a really rough sketch of what general states I needed and what they did in one sentence and I only did that much because on one of my practices I got to like 3 hours and couldn't figure out how to implement a pretty important feature without changing half of what I did.

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I did not use paper either. I think I spent maybe 10 minutes reading and thinking before I went to work. It might be good to spend more time, but I was anxious to get started coding...


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