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How is possible to change reaction of multicollum listbox on keyboard events?

Hello all.
How is possible to change reaction of multicolumn listbox on key events in Labview?
For instance, I would like to program such reaction of listbox, if you select one of the row in listbox and then another one pressing SHIFT key, all rows between them should be highlihgted.
Standard reaction of list box is that only chosen rows highlighted but not rows between them.

Shortly, I would like to programm standart Windows reaction on user events for listbox.
Thank you. Timur.
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This isn't possible in LabVIEW directly. There may be some work arounds, but they seem very unlikely to be worth your time.

I would suggest you consider importing ActiveX controls for this purpose instead, as these 'actions' are a system based component. There may be a similar control to what you are looking for in the standard Windows library, otherwise you will have to look for one in other libraries, such as VB libraries.

Oherwise, I would suggest contacting NI at about this one.
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This might be possible, but it would be tricky. If you have labview wait for a key stroke event. When the key stroke happens you can see if its the shift key inside the event structure. If it is, then if the Listbox has focus you can probably do then you can have the user do the selection. I think this could be made to work, but I haven't tried it yet.
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