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How is possible to change reaction of multicollum listbox on keyboard events?

>How is possible to change reaction of multicolumn
>listbox on key events in Labview? For instance, I
>would like to program such reaction of listbox, if
>you select one of the row in listbox and then another
>one pressing SHIFT >key, all rows between them should
>be highlighted. Standard reaction of list box is that
>only chosen rows highlighted but not rows between
>Thank you. Timur.

Hallo all,
Matt thank you for the answer.
Unfortunately I must change behavior of listbox and may be there is way to change it programmatically?
For example, catch KEYFOCUS event from listbox then get selected line , make array with lines you want to be highlighted and then write back
in listbox.
But it is not really nice solution and also there is problem that it is not possible to select lines for example 1, 3, 7, now all lines between 1 and 7 will be highlighted.
May be somebody know better way how to do it.
I attached example in case somebody has time and willingness to look at it and give idea.

Thanks, Teimur
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I would suggest posting this question to the LabVIEW Discussion Forum instead of DSC. You will be posting to the group that has more detailed knowledge on these aspects of LabVIEW.

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