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How i can use "GET Trace List" in labview


    For Extraction of data from Citadel, i am using Get Trace List from DSC module in LV8.6. I am facing problem and getting error while running this function. It gives an errror for  "database URL" input. According to HELP of LV. I have to give computer name in my case SBCPC and data base name "vishnu". So i am giving //SBCPC/vishnu. When the function run it is giving error that input should be in form of  //SBCPC/vishnu/T1  where T1 is my network variable which is i am logging.


Can any buddy give me Idea to how to use "Get Trace List"

For reference i have attached my program print.errorTrend.JPG

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Take a look at the Browse in the DSC section of the block diagram. The output of this should be in the format that you need.

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Here with Browse I have same error. Here screen shot of that. The same value //SBCPC/vishnu i am getting when i am probing to Browse output.



What could be the reason for this error.

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