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How does my application save the raw data to binary file?

Ok, let's put it simply. I want to save/write to binary file the raw data of each frame in grab acquisition, set file position to end (<- this is for separating frames when I handle the binary file) and avoid lost images. But I am not sure how to play with the buffers. If I set value of 3 (or more) to number of buffers input in IMAQdx Configure (see attachment) I should avoid image losts but in this case, does the IMAQdx Get Image save/write one frame at a time (buffer number mode is set to "next") and then run the set file (my save& is inside of a while loop)?


Needed procedure:

(configure)->Grab->save one frame->set file position to end->do not lost images->grab new frame->save new frame->...


Kudos for any good help!




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