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How do you make the GBIB controller a talker or listener?

I want to make my computer emulate an instrument with LabView over GPIB. How do I do it?
I want it to appear as an instrument to another computer.
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Did you try instrument driver? If no, why don't you do it. I will show you one of the most popular instrument's instrument driver. It's Agilent 34401A.

LabVIEW Certified Plug and Play Instrument Driver:

I don't understand what you want exactly. However you can handle 34401A from computer through GPIB.

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I have never heard of anyone using a computer as an instrument simulator. You would have to make your GPIB a listener instead of a controller. You might be able to do this in MAX. Then your code would have to use the low level GPIB functions to poll the bus and look for headers with your particular GPIB address that you have assigned to your computer. When you see the address, your code would have to respond in some manner. Take a look at all the functions in the Functions palette - Instrument I/O - GPIB (488) - GPIB 488.2. There are lots of low level funtions there that might be able to help you create an instrument simulator. Look up help on each one. Time consuming but it might be very helpful.
- tbob

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The easiest way to do this is to use NI-Device:

This will allow your GPIB interface to behave like an instrument (which you define). You can pass controller in charge status from your controller to another interface or instrument which has controller capability, and then set up a polling or event waiting in order to simulate an instrument. For example you could read and ignore timeout errors, and then respond based on what you read. However, if you want to build the functionality of an instrument, NI-Device will give you more flexibility.

For an example VI which uses LabVIEW as a non-controller (GPIB Instrument):

For information on passing controller in charge status, see:

Thank you,

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