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How do you input/upload the templates for Heart Rates, EKG, etc. onto an already existing form of LabView?

I have LabView 9.0 and I remember last year when I got it I had to go through several steps in order to upload the templates for Heart Rate, EKG, and Blood Pressure.  However, since then, several of my computers have been worked on within the district and the templates are no longer on the main page anymore and I have forgotten the steps to completete to get them back.  Can anyone help me??!!

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What main page are you referring to? Are you referring to the Getting Started window that has the "VI from Template..." link that pulls up a dialog to select the type of file to create? That has a tree node that you can navigate and there's a VI -> From Template -> User node. If you place the template in the <labview>/templates folder then they will show up in this node.

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Yes that is the one I'm referring to...I will try it this way and let you know if it works.  Thanks!

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