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How do you disable only a specific row or Column of a table control

I saw this in ideas exchange but it received only 5 kudos and was therefore declined ( not taken forward for implementation) . So I am guessing most people know how to do that without some lengthy code? ( using Event structure and a loop ) Since majority didn't see the need for it. Can anyone please let me know how to do that without some lengthy code.


As you know, currently the "disable" property node will disable the entire table and " "active cell" does not have a sub property to disable selectively  




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For those cases where scrolling is not allowed, it is trivial to drop a transparent flat frame for the decorations over the row/collum.


For scrolling...


I would think you would have to use a


filter event and invoke node >>> Point to Row Collumn


and then decide if the event should be canceled.



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