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How do i assign a node to a numerical value


Hello I am trying to assign a numeric value to a node defination. For example i have a node defination as demods/0/harmonic and i want to assign a numeric value 3 to this node  (The value of harmonic is 3). I have a set of nodes and i want to create a cluster of these nodes. The Jpeg illustration will elabroate what i mean. I want the conversion as below. I am a begineer so please help. And can i assign it via a control. Like I put a %d in place of harmonic in the node defination i.e. demods/0/%d and I assign it to a numeric control, so that when i place 3 in my numeric control the node defination becomes demods/0/3. %d must replace my entered value which i give it from a control.forblog.png

Please let me know I am in bit of trouble...
Thanks in advance

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You totally lost me.  Your words say one thing, but your picture shows nothing about what was said.  Please give a better example of what you want.  What inputs do you have?  What should your output be?

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