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How do can I programmaticaly create a TS sequence in Labview?

Is it possible to programmatically create a Teststand Sequence using Labiview ?


I am trying to generate a Sequence file in Labview by using a generic sequence structure and importing some data from a spread sheet to populate the new sequence name, arguements ...etc. The newly created sequence shall be identical to the generic one, but it will have a different set of hardcoded parameters.


Thanks in advance,


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The answer is yes. Unfortunately I do not have the specific details on how. I will get in touch with my team memebers who know the specifics and point them to this thread. We regularly programmatically create TS sequences. In fact, we have an Excel template that we allow users to create specific types of tests in and then run that through a utility which populates our test database with the data and generate the test sequence. This is all acoomplished using the TestStand API. You do need the appropriate TestStand license to save the sequence.
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Hello Mark,


Thanks for the quick response. I just wanted to add more specific information to explain what I am trying to do.


1- The VI shall create a copy of a generic sequence file with several subsequences and save it with a new name

2- The VI shall iterate through a spreadsheet to gather data ( I already have this step done)

3- Looping through the spreadsheet data, the VI shall make an exact copy of a specific sequence in the sequence file with a new name, appending it in the same parent sequence, then setting some variables to the values of the spreadsheet

4- The VI shall save the newly created sequence file

5- All these steps shall be done in the background of the VI while a progress bar is updating


Thanks again,


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Here are some starting examples:

Using TestStand API to Create a New Custom Sequence File - This example creates a sequence file from within another sequence.  Though this is not your exact situation, the API commands used in this example would map to the ones you will you from LabVIEW.

Programmatically Create TestStand Sequence File - This example uses a LabVIEW VI to create a sequence file with the TestStand API.  This may be closer to what you want to do.

Hopefully these will give you a good starting point.

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