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How do I write a VI for an AG-UC2 controller?

 I  need to be able to move a AG-LS25 piezo motor in both directions via labview.  If anyone has any examples of this and would be willing to give me some advice I would really appreciate it.  I have very little experience with labview and would appreciate the help.


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Have you tried searching google or reading the manual?


I found this on the Newport site, talk to them about the LabVIEW Vi's to get you started. 




The Agilis AG-UC2 controller provides convenient push button remote control and USB computer control of Agilis components. For each axis, two rows of push buttons are available for step size settings, precise low speed adjustments and fast coarse motion. Power is supplied through the USB port, either directly from the computer or from an independent USB power supply such as the USB-CH. A software utility allows mimicking remotely the operation of the controller buttons through the computer and selecting and operating a specific Agilis mount, as needed. A set of ASCII-commands and LabViewVI's for all functions are provided as well.


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Hi, Would you please share any example or helpful file you found on moving a AG-LS25 piezo motor?

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