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How do I use the DAQ Assistant subVI to display voltage readings from a potentiometer

And why don't you have the AI gnd connected to anything?
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is that the ground on the DAQ terminal? should it be connected to an external ground?
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Read about wiring.

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ok so from my understanding if i am using the RSE configuration I need to wire one reference of the pot to the + terminal of my power supply, the other reference to the - terminal of the power supply and the wiper to the CH +0 pin on the DAQ. Then I also need to wire the - terminal of the power supply to the AI ground pin on the DAQ.
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I tried the following RSE terminal configuration, however I am still getting the same results as before.
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Have you tried measuring the voltage difference between the wiper and ground using a DMM?  The best thing to do is to verify that the signal is correct before we begin reading it using a DAQ device.
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Yeah when i measure the voltage with a DMM I get the correct results. The Dmm reads 5v when the actuator is not extended, then it moves to 0 volts as I extend the actutor.
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