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How do I use DAQmx with RTDs?

I am trying to acquire signal from 3 RTDs using a NI 9217.  I can get them to work fine using DAQ Express. However, I am trying to avoid using Express VIs, because this is a small part of a much more complex system. Whenever I try to run the VI, I get Error 200077which says that I selected an external excitation source instead of choosing an internal source. I changed the setting to be internal. However, I still get the same error regardless.  How do I correct this?
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I think I've figure out the RTDs. However, when I try to acquire a voltage on a separate NI 9217 DAQ card, I receive the "Resource is Reserved" Error. How do I acquire both at the same time?
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The reason you are seeing the resource is reserved error is because there is only one analog input timing engine for acquisition tasks.  So, you need to have all the channels you are acquiring from in the same task (same as an E or M series DAQ card).  I attached a screenshot of how to set this up (I used the code you supplied).  Also, the link below discusses the analog input timing restriction in more detail.

Specifying Different Sample Rates for Multiple CompactDAQ Modules

Jordan F
National Instruments
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