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How do I store an array of strings in Excel?


I made a coding that reads the temperature with a Digital Thermometer, graphs it in the front panel, and saves it in Excel.


Originally, only the elapsed time and temperature are arrayed in numeric form and connected to write to the measurement file. The dynamic data is automatically converted and saved in Excel.


However, I think it would be more effective to put the time of reading the temperature rather than the elapsed time, so I want to display all three arrays of the current time, elapsed time, and temperature in Excel. He said,,


How can I store these string arrays in Excel?

I would like to display the array as it appears in the front panel in Excel. Please advise!block.JPGfrontpanel.JPG

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Hi seongmo1476,


Have a look at my answers in this thread and see if they help you.  In particular, I show how to define an Excel worksheet range and write a 2D array to that range using literal formatting for strings.


Reply here if you need any further guidance.



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There's an interesting "Revised Excel Example" posted on the Forums six years ago that shows a number of techniques for using the Report Generation Toolkit (you should replace the deprecated "New Report" function with "Create Report", of course).  If you have Table entries that are Arrays of Strings, simply write them as Arrays of Strings.  The Excel Easy Table is pretty easy to use -- the only "trick" is that the data must be a 2D array, so if you want to write a row with three Strings, one per column, pass the 1D array through a Build Array to make it a 2D array, like this:

Easy Table.png

Bob Schor


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