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How do I send an HTTP request to a web server using the TCP functions?

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Jeff hi!


i need to do the exect same thing as you did. could you please send me your code?




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Unfortunately, I was unable to get the Stunnel solution to work for me.  What I ended up going with was an ActiveX solution based on the example found in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2009\examples\comm\axevent.llb.  I modified (only slightly) the ActiveX Event Callback for to get things to work.  I use the 'innerText' property of the 'body'.  Hope this helps.
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For anyone's convenience and use.


A driver is atteched  Shai CohenR&D Engineer

Novamedes israel




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Pretty much last gasp here - looking for ideas and thought this conversation was close to relevant. I am looking to post a file using similar vi's to those mentioned. I can post strings ok, but dont quite know the format of the file (more specifically how to encode it).


I have looked at base64 encoding and gzip, but when I post the file it gets corrupted. I have the headers and  multipart/form-data correct (as the file appears on the server).


Has any one here managed to HHTP post a file with Labview 8.2?







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