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How do I save the virtual channel list of a task to a tab-delimited text file

I have created my data acquisition application which will save the analog inputs of the channels into columns of a text file.  Now I would like to save the names of the virtual channels in the header of the file so that couple months down the road I will have no problem of knowing which column is which.  How do I do it?
The way I set my application up is that the task is set up in the Measurement and Automation Explorer.  In the LabVIEW program, there is an control I can pick the task I want to use, and the rest of the program will pull the necessary information based on the task chosen.
Thanks in advance.
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You can use a Task node located in Measurement I/O -> NiDAQmx -> Task config-->> Task node to get the devive name of the virtual channel. You can a for loop to get each individual device name and build the array of device name and analog input into one array and then write this to a text file.


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