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How do I reset any of the integration VIs in a while loop?

I am relatively new to LV and relatively inexperience, and am having significant difficulties in one small little bit of my code. Essentially I am writing a VI to automate a measurement system I have built. For now I am using a flat sequence to just get this thing up and running. In one of the frames of that sequence I need to integrate the air flow through my system. In that frame I have an integration VI in a while loop. I have the loop set up to stop via boolean logic when the flow has reached a certain volume. That works fine on the first pass through my sequence, but on the next pass I need the integration VI to reset to zero. I have tried a number of the various integration VIs, but cannot figure this out. I have seen similar questions, but no clear anwser. Any variation with any VI would be useful to me.



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Don't they have an 'initialise' input? If so, set that to true on loop zero.

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Thanks, got it all settled. Had some confusion with the data flow..... 5 hrs later ha

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