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How do I reset a USB drive in a VI?

What are you talking about a password or new file?  What is wrong with the snippet provided?  Just drag it to your block diagram.


EDIT:  Oh you weren't replying to me were you.  These forums are flat and so we don't know who you are talking to unless you quote them.  The post with the password was from 9 years ago.  This person has likely moved on and might be in a different carreer path.  The post I made is essentially what their code was doing.

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Hi Mr_u4913,

Are you trying to open the System This is a locked VI. It can't be accessed.

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It is locked, which needs access to get in.

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@Hooovahh,   is that possible sending me the VI you use to delete the wireless com ports 

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@Mr_u4913 wrote:

@Hooovahh,   is that possible sending me the VI you use to delete the wireless com ports 

I never talked about any wireless com ports, and I certainly never talked about anything that deletes them.  What I did do is already link to the post I made where the full source code without passwords was posted, on how to disable and reenable wireless network cards.


If you want to talk about resetting USB drives, ask here.  If you want to talk about disabling wireless cards, reply in the other thread.  If you want to talk about something not related to either of those topics, post a new thread.

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Yea, I was struggling with how to delete or reset USB com ports..... I

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So then you agree this has little to do with USB drives, or wireless network cards.  The code posted will likely disable that hardware too but I didn't test it on that hardware type.

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Thank you for time and effort. I will try to figure it out.

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