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How do I pass data between the main VI and VI within a sub-VI?

Lynn is right, but the vis do not have to run in parallel. Have a look at the attached example. is blocked unless and are terminated. So in this sense they do not run in parallel, but they both have to be running.
Using LV8.0
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See attached which has a main vi (Main) which loads a sub-vi (Sub-1), which loads another sub-vi (Sub-2).
The boolean lying in Main is updated in Sub-2
Hope this helps.
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The two attachments basically did the same thing and they are exactly what I needed. I implemented this same technique into my VI/Sub-VIs and it works perfectly. I was actually over complicating the process and that is why it did not work. I just needed to see these simple examples, sit back and understand what was going on, and then integrate it into my program. Thank you all for your time in resolving this problem.
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