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How do I measure temperature from 4 RTDs simultaneously?

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I am trying to set up a systerm that requires multiple temperature measurements. I am able to make one RTD measure. But if I mirror the same code to create two measurements, i am getting an Error - 50103 "the specified resource is reserved". I have just begun using LabVIEW, so any and all help is valuable. If there is already material available on this topic, would you direct me there please.

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Have you looked at any of the hundreds of other posts with that error and message? To solve it, you simply use one task/DAQ Assistant with multiple channels (i.e. dev1/ai0:3).
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You can have as many channels of the same type (in this case Analog Input) in a task.  So your simple solution would be to have four channels in your task.  You will also need to set your DAQmx Read to be for Multiple Channels.

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Yup read Multi-channel Single Sample with a single task.


That being said this won't be "simultaneous".  That implies at the same instant in time all 4 will be read.  This just won't be true without a simultaneous sampling card.  Without that card your readings will likely be fraction of a milliseconds appart and for temperature that should be more than enough.  How much can temperature change in 0.001 seconds?  But for other signal types like trying to read a phase off set in a sine wave you will need a true simultaneous sampling card.

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