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How do I handle the events for the subpanel and its loaded subvi?

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While developing the LabVIEW program, I encountered a problem.In the main program interface, I have a subpanel that loads different subvi, which has a waveform control.Now I want to achieve the following functions: in the main interface, click the left mouse button on the sub-panel area, pop up the shortcut menu of the sub-panel;Right-click on the loaded subvi waveform, waveform display shortcut menu.The event handler for the subpanel is in the main program, and the event handler for the subvi waveform is in the subvi.Here's the problem: I can only do one event, either a shortcut menu for a subpanel or a shortcut menu for a subvi waveform.Unable to achieve the previous mentioned, the left mouse button to pop up the subpanel shortcut menu, the right mouse button pop up the waveform shortcut menu.Can someone help me?thank you

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What would be the desired result? I assume a menu for the graph, and if clicked outside the graph a menu for the subpanel?


The subpanel RCM seems to trigger only when clicked on the border. That seems to work just fine with a RCM on a VI in the subpanel...



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Thank you, wiebe @carya

         As you said, I implemented the desired function.If I don't use the subVI RCM,the subpanal RCM can be trigger in the whole subpanal area。

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