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How do I generate a timed impulse from a boolean condition ?

Hi Everyone,


Background: I wrote a VI that generates an analog sine voltage on one output channel. I've offset the whole sine wave to go from 0-Vmax for every cycle. Any voltage in the second half of the wave cycle is forced to be the value of the baseline (which is equal to the amplitude input).


What I'm trying to accomplish now is to generate a 5V impulse on a second output channel at the start of each cycle in the sine wave. I've tried different methods, but they either give a signal too large in pulse width or unsynchronized with the sine wave. The boolean mentioned checked for an upward change in sine voltage (new cycle) to trigger a pulse as the VI is written now. The pulse should be around (0.1 sec, like the middle of an ECG pulse). What is the best method of completing this task?


Any help appreciated.


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First thing i see is that youre using a lot of express vi's.  Express vi's are great for beginners, but have a lot of overhead and arent quite as flexible as the daqmx functions.  I would look into the example vis that ship with labview for daqmx digital output.  That should help

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