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How do I display data without using a dialog?

Greetings NI Fans.  I've been thrown into the deep end of the pool, so I'm aproaching my self education slowly.  As I go along, I want to display results of a calculation, user input and any other piece of data I want to verify.  I cannot for the life of me find a widget for displaying the results of what I choose.  I'm sure I'm making this harder than it is.

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Hi RT56,

can you please show what you have done? Did you try to right click on the result you would like to present. If you do it, then you can create an indicator.


Hope it helps.


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Hi RT,


Welcome to the NI forum 😉


If you don't want to use a dialog which blocks the execution of your program, and you still want to keep calculating your values while showing them to the operator there is probably only one good way to go.  and that is PARALLEL loops.  In this case I would suggest Producer-Consumer architecture.  You can find numorous examples of that on the net.


I've posted a very simple example a few days ago here on the forum.  It is attached to this post.  Take a look at it and tell me if this is what you're looking for.

What it does is

- it has two loops : a user-interface loop (which shows the data) Consumer and a calculation loop (which calculates data 😉 ) Producer

- the user loop Consumer starts the calculation in the calculation loop Producer

- While the calculation runs, the calculated values are put into a buffer

- The buffer which is filled by the Producer loop, is being read by the Consumer loop and updates it front panel.


If you have any questions about this, please do ask.  Since you're new to LabVIEW, this seems to be hard.  But do some self exploring for the functions being used 😉


The TOP-LEVEL VI is called :

Kind regards,

- Bjorn -

Have fun using LabVIEW... and if you like my answer, please pay me back in Kudo's 😉
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Of coarse, if you're not using a SubVI which calculates your values and just a while loop, you can just use indicators to show the values.


All depends on your code.  So if you want even more specific help, please post your code so we can have a look at it

Kind regards,

- Bjorn -

Have fun using LabVIEW... and if you like my answer, please pay me back in Kudo's 😉
LabVIEW 5.1 - LabVIEW 2012
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Thanks, Mike and Bjorn!  I'll experiment with your solutions shortly.  My app for the moment is very rudimentary.  I'm a veteran user of Agilent's Vee Pro, and I've been expecting LabVIEW to have similar functionality.  Both use block diagrams and have front panels.  With Vee Pro I can insert a display widget to tap into a value when it is calculated.  Since my post, I have discovered that I can view the results of my calculation by using a display widget on the front panel.  This solution is not as convenient as I would like, since I now have to toggle between views.  It's not a critical feature, but it doesn't appeal to my lazy nature.


I see LabVIEW has "probes".  Now that I want to experiment with them, I can't find that widget again.  I'll have to hunt some more.


Best regards,



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Ah, I found the probe, and that satisfies my need quite nicely.  :manvery-happy:  Thanks for the feedback, Bjorn!



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