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How do I display an analog signal from a serial input

I have a xbee running through a pic and sending a signal to another xbee that is on a breakout board with a serial out.  I have the basic VISA serial setup correctly I believe.  I need to know how to convert that signal back into an analog signal and display it graphically on LabView.  Ultimately where I am going is multiple transmitters communicating to a single receiver and the upper Byte being the identifier and the lower byte being the data. So I want multiple displays that I can assign different identifiers and the correct data packet going to each different display based on that identifier.  Any help would be most appreciated. I have attached a screenshot and the .vi of where I am at (which is the very beginning)




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Hey Jason,


It looks like you have a Configure Serial Port vi and nothing else.  This VI just sets up your serial port to be read from, it doesn't do the actual reading.   In order to get data from your serial port you'll need to use the VISA Read vi.  Check out the NI Example Finder to see how the VISA Read vi works.  In LabVIEW go to Help>>Find Examples and search for Serial.  A good example is Basic Serial Read and


Eric L.
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