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How do I display 2 VI non-modal dialogs that require new input values

I have a VI that, at a specific point, should display 2 more VI dialogs in a non-modal manner. These VI's have required terminals and I want to feed values from my parent VI into those terminals. Then I want those VI's to run in a non-modal manner and allow the parent VI continue it's processing.


The user will then close those dialog VI's at an appropriate time?


I can use FP.Open to open the VI's, but how do I set the terminals without causing modal behavior that causes the parent VI to wait until the "children" are "finished"?



PS: Actually it's 5 non-modal dialogs, but I wanted to keep the question simple; any solution should easily scale to significant numbers like 5 or 10.

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To others: this is a repost of this message that somehow ended up in the BreakPoint forum.


To OP: Use the Control Value:Set [Flattened] or Control Value:Set [Variant] method to set the control values before running the VI. 

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