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How do I disable LabVIEW's "Save All" menu item?

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Thanks for that link, altenbach; I hope it leads a fix eventually!

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If you are using source code control, and you still have this problem, then you probably need to change your SCC settings.


You should be able to configure your SCC sytstem to set all project-related files to be "read only" until you check them out for editting.  That way you can't change another person's file without explicity taking a "lock" on the file.  And of course, you'll want to carefully use LLBs (or just don't use them at all) because that will end-up checking out multiple files at-once.
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@altenbach wrote:

It is especially damaging if you are debugging some vi.lib vi, making some changes for testing.

Shouldn't system VIs be write-protected?

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egads, this is one of the things I hate about occasionally have to use Visual Source Safe (yes, I know its 2014), nothing interrupts the work flow more than getting stuffed by the save dialog, trip over to put in a meaningful checkout comment, return to save, return to put in a meaningful check-in comment, ugh.


Daily we're on SVN so being able to grab a checkout and get straight to editing (and saving) is beautiful.


I hate save all with a passion.  I've never used it on purpose, Accidentally several times, the last time was just last night at 11:30pm.  thus why my first task this morning was to jump onto the forums and vent.   I was soo happy!  now I get to spend another couple hours reverting vi's I KNOW I didn't mean to modify, and another hour diffing vi's I might have changed on purpose to see what really needed to be saved.  many of the vi's are externalled into my project, and I have no reason to check-in recompile only modifications.


Its one of the only things I HATE about LabVIEW.  if we can't get the confirmation dialog, (see the idea submission mentioned earlier), can we at least get an application option to neuter that dang thing??


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