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How do I create a video of my front panel?

I have a simple VI which uses a single input variable to select from an array of XY data sets and plots them on an XY graph.  I need to create a presentation video which shows the front panel as it iterates the input variable and shows the graph changing over time.  Is there an easy way to create such a file?

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Search Google for screen recording software.  There are a bunch of options floating around the internet.

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I've used Jing in the past.  The free version is only good for 5 minute videos, but there is a free upload service.  There are probably several better solutions but it's always just worked for me so I had no reason to look into any others.

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Bytescout worked pretty well for me and it is free.




(Further processing (sound, labels, etc.) was done online using the YouTube editor.)

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