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How do I convert a text file to a time signal

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I'm confused on how to do this. I can get the text file to read correctly into a an array (orange wires) but how can I get it to become a time signal (thick brown wire)? I have all the data points and I know the sample frequency is 2 samples per second. Any help at all would be great.



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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Do you mean a waveform? If so, try a 'build waveform', with 2 seconds as dt and a suitable time for t0.

Or maybe a timestamp? If so, you could try 'To time stamp'.


From your description, I am guessing you are after the waveform option?

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Wow thanks a ton! Sorry for the really basic questions, I just started with this basic project two days ago. One other quick question I have is that that the t0 input looks like it's a thick brown wire as well. I want to start it at zero how should I do that?


Thanks again!

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Glad to be of service!

For the second question, right click on the t0 input and select create constant or create control. This will create a timestamp that you can edit to a time/date of your choosing.

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You mentioned that you are new to LabVIEW. National Instruments has a large number of resources to learn and explore the language capabilities and features. I recommend starting here:

LabVIEW Training: Learn LabVIEW in Three or Six Hours


Beyond that, the Developer zone has a huge supply of example code and webcasts etc that are really useful. Happy coding!

- Regards,

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