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How do I conditionally activate a timed pulse?

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I need to repeatedly cycle a system for testing.  To accomplish this I need to take input from six switches.  When they all activate, I need to generate a digital high of about 1 second in duration to reactivate the cycle.  I need to do this 1000 times.


I already have a loop that displays a True when the six input switches are closed.  The trouble comes from getting that signal to generate a 1 second pulse on my DAQ, and increment a counter of some sort.  


Once again, a task you could train a chimp to do in five minutes is taking me hours to figure out in LabView.


Running LabView 8.6 with a NI cDAQ 9172.  Digital input module is NI 9423, digital output is an NI 9472.

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Since you already have a Boolean output, the simple solution sounds like just wiring it up to a case statement with the DAQmx Writes inside. Since the module is software timed, you write a logic one, wait, and then write a logic 0.


If the simple solution below is not what you need, please provide more details. Attaching your code would help.


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That works pretty well.



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