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How do I add a Sub-Vi to the programming pallet?

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Hey all, I've got two Questions:


  1. In one of the LabVIEW tutorials I was looking at, there was a setting you could change for a user added Vi where you created a Producer-Consumer template, saved it as a sub vi, and added it to an area on the programming pallet. I can't remember how it was done, nor can I find the tutorial on how to do it

  2. After doing that, there was an extra step where when you brought the sub vi to your block diagram, it posted the contents of the Sub Vi instead of just a block. How would I do that?
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you can use, for example, this manual description, or this one. If you want to place content of subvi (function) to block diagram, when you'll edit pallete set, as described in above links, right-click on the added function, and select "Place VI Content" option.


Sincerely, kosist90



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Thanks! that is exactly what I'm looking for

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That answer works just fine for small quick things, but for a more organized experience I suggest looking into JKI's VI Package Manager (VIPM).  With it you can build packages (collections of files) defining where they get installed, and what to do on install (or uninstall) as well as what type of palette organization you want.  I generally make a new subpalette for all my stuff and then make subpalettes for each package under that.  It takes a bit of time to setup but the end result is the other developers can just double click a package, and have it install and do the rest.  I have packages to add glyphs to the icon editor, add and update quick drop functions and shortcuts, adds Tools menu items, add Help menu documentation, edit the LabVIEW.ini, as well as install functions and controls on the palettes.  There is a paid version of VIPM but the majority of users can get by with the free one.  VIPM is even included with most modern versions of LabVIEW so you might already have it installed.

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Do you know if when i create a new subpalette in labview, this subpalette will be in the palette fuctions of FPGA? If the answer is no, how i do it?



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