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How do I access LabVIEW shared variables from a CVI program?

I would like to have a RT CVI program write to / read from a 7830R FPGA.  Is there a way to obtain the physical addresses of global/shared variables in my FPGA VI, or maybe a pointer to them, so that my C code can access those variables directly?
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Dear Herod,

Thanks for the request, To program a FPGA target you must have the module Labview FPGA. So you cannot directly access the FPGA with LabWindows/CVI.

But there is a way. Firstly create with Labview a Host VI that communicate with the FPGA target and compile this VI into a dll and then call it from CVI program.

See the following link:
Can I Use a Programming Language Other Than LabVIEW with a Reconfigurable I/O Board?
LabWindows/CVI support for PXI 7831 R

Best regards,

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Hi Nick,
thanks.  I have tried that, but I can't find a way to compile the VI into a dll on my real-time target: the option doesn't appear when I right-click the build specification of a VI under a target.  It only works if my VI is under my host computer, but I can't just then download the dll to the target: if the VI is compiled on my host, it will assume the FPGA is on a remote target via ethernet, so if you then run the dll on the target itself, it won't be able to find the FPGA.  Any way around that?  Thanks,
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