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     Six months ago (before CoVID lock-down, when brain was functioning better), I created a "lean and mean" Front Panel with an Integer input, a String Input, and two Boolean Buttons.  I just tried to re-create it (and make some new ones), but cannot figure out what Palette I used.  It doesn't seem to be Modern, Classic, System, Silver, or NXG.  I was using (and still am) LabVIEW 2019.  

Control Palette Query.png

     I'm not using the desktop PC, locked in my office at work (where I haven't been in about 5 months).  Is there another Control Palette that I might have downloaded from VIPM?  (This idea just popped into my head while composing this Post ...).


Bob "Old Dogs Forget New Tricks" Schor

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Hi Bob,


for me these controls look like those from System palette:

(LV2011 on Win10)

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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To elaborate in GredW's post.  If you're asking about the numeric control specifically, that came from the "System" palette --> Numeric --> System --> System Spin Control(!!?).  (Maybe all the other controls came from there, too?)  My guess is that Windows controls include numeric controls with and without incr/decr buttons.

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Son-of-a-gun -- it was the System Palette.  I could have sworn I checked them all!


     I was just about to post my own response, which was nowhere near as useful (but technically correct).  I was going to preface it with a paraphrase of T.S. Eliot -- "Good Writers borrow, Great Writers steal" ...


     Thanks to Subversion, I found a much older version of this code that included an unfamiliar Icon, which I deduced was the Prompt User Express VI (I dislike, and rarely use, Express VIs).  Seeing this in my code, I vaguely recall taking the VI apart and stealing borrowing pieces of the code (and the Controls) to make my own version.


     Whew.  I'm not going (completely) crazy, just a bit tired of not working with my colleagues ...


Bob Schor



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