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How can you control pressure on a valve using voltage



I am new to Labview, I am currently trying to set up the control system for a project I am working on. I am trying to control a Back Pressure Regulator valve, the valve is controlled by a stepper motor which get's it's command from Pressure Indicating Controller. I think for the labview part I have to use the voltage from the motor to control the pressure but I am unsure how to complete this any help would be greatly appreciated 



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Are you trying to write the controller or communicate with a BPR controller?


If you are making your own BPR you should look at some of the feedback examples using PID,

your process variable is the Pressure measured at the sensor the control is the position of the valce probably 0-100% open and the controlling is through steps and direction in the stepper motor, this should be a start.

You can start with a simple Bang-Bang controller but there is often a much more complex nature to pressure regulation so PID is often used.

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