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How can you add comments to a text file while using a Digital Waveform vi?

Hi. I'm very new to Labview. I have a txt file of 1's and 0's wired to a "read from text file" which is then wired to a "spreadsheet string to" ("digital waveform") and lastly to a graph. I want to add notes to the txt file that will not be read in the digital waveform. i.e. Like how you use // or /* in a C++ program to show that you are writing a comment and not code.


Labview version: 8.5


Thank you

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You will just need in your text file a line at a time.  Search the string for the characters // or /*.  If it finds them, then loop back and read another line.  If it doesn't find them, you must have a good line of data and you can pass on to the next part of your cod.
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