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How can i use simulation loop on a compactRIO 9014?

How can I use simulation loop on a compactRIO 9014?
I’m new and I hope that somebody can help me. my problem is this:
i wanna use simulation loop of module control design & simulation on a FPGA CompactRIO 9014 but I don’t know how to timing of target FPGA 40 MHz with the parameters of configure simulation parameters.
When I try to compile my program I get this error…
Calculating dependencies...
Checking items for conflicts. This operation could take a while...
Preparing items for download. This operation could take a while...
Deploying vi de
Deploying XDNodeRunTimeDep.lvlib
Deploying prueba.lvproj
Deploying RIO-LUIS-CORPORATION(successfully deployed target settings)
Deploying NILVSim_GetBlockNameAndCallChain
Failed to download NILVSim_GetBlockNameAndCallChain
LabVIEW: Failed to load shared library NILVSim.*:SIM_GetBlockNameAndCallChain:C on RT target device.
Deploying RIO-LUIS-CORPORATION Container
Deployment completed with errors

This is my configuration
I use labview 8.6
compactRIO 9014 4MHz
thank you for your help


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Hey zeuszero,


This isn't exactly my area of expertise, but since no one had replied to you yet I just wanted to share my initial thought.  Sometimes I run into problems with Real-Time hardware when I don't have the proper support installed, then get similar errors like you. So, can you verify that you have installed the Control Design & Sim support on the RIO controller?  You software window will look different than this one if you are using LV 8.6, but I think you'll still have a similar entry.  (Go to MAX, find your RIO in Remote Devices, and right-click "Software" to Add/Remove Software.)




Anyway, that's just my first guess. I'll post back if I can think of anything else. Hope that helps. 



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i did it 

i don't know what happened, but when i uninstalled  the module real time my program worked well

thanks for your reply

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