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How can i trigger a Boolean control from a Boolean indicator?

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I want to trigger a Boolean control (like a push button) to true value as soon as my Boolean indicator(LED) gets a true value.

Can anyone tell me how to get this done?

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Any help is appreciated

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Accepted by topic author Rkale

You can use either a local variable or value property node to set a control value.


Right click on the control and Create/Local Variable or Create/Property Node/Value. Change the property node or variable to write mode by right clicking on it and selecting "change to write". Local variables might default to write (can't remember) but I know that property nodes default to read mode.


I prefer property nodes simply because they have an error in and out so I can control the flow.


[Edit:] Don't forget that you must have switching instead of latching for the mechanical action. If you need a latching boolean control and need to programatically set it's value then you will have to reset the state after you read it using either a local or property node.

LabVIEW 2012

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Hey Thanks a ton!

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