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How can i train OCR characters through labview

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As I told earlier, you need to create OCR file first to train your characters. Use " Vision Assistant" to create this file.

I created OCR file (*.abc) for given images. it reads only those characters (A,B,C,D,E,S,T,U,Z). For remaining characters, you have to create.


I recommend you to read VISION software user manual (before processing images)


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Dear Munna

Thank you very much for your time and your reply.

I hope that I understand you correctly.

I think because My English language is poor, I couldn't explain my problem correctly.


I know that I need to create OCR file(*.abc). I try to create an OCR file(*.abc) with attached training code. But as I've said before, I have the following problem in creating the file(*.abc): 


{{{{ When the image is called, and the system detects an area around each character that is marked in red (picture 1), I would choose an area around a character  that is marked in green, then i put the  actual amount of character in (CORRECT TEXT) and push ok button (picture 3,4). 

In this way, I see my teached character in (OCR RESULTS) and (TEACHED CHARACTERS)(picture 4). But after the way, the code cannot recognize red zone around the characters.( picture 5)}}}}


In fact, when I create my OCR file(*.abc) with this method, OCR cannot detect characters.




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Thank you very much

My problem is solved



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Glad to know your problem is solved.

Sorry I was not able to explain you my code as I don't have NI Vision module in my current development. OCR Teaching code was developed in 2008 and I don't remember.



Labview 6.1 - 2019
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Dear PBP

Thank you very much for everything. Your code is fantastic.

Best regards


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