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How can I use multiple display on CompactRio?

Hello everybody,

I am working in a project where I have connected two displays on CompactRio. I can see the program in two screens at the same time but I would like to have a VI in a screen and another VI in another screen.  I am using a DisplayPort to splitter two VIs in two screen.

The Display port  to Display Port Multimonitor Sppliter is the next link:

The CompactRio what I am using is cRIo 9035.

Any suggestions will be very helpful.
Thank you so much.

A regard 

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I presume you want to have the VIs be displayed on different monitors at run time.  Have you tried setting the Window Run-Time Position properties of these VIs?  There is a Monitor setting (Property) that (on my system with two monitors) can take on the values Primary, 1, or 2.


Bob Schor

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Is it possible to have two monitors on the mini display port of a compact rio? You can normally identify the monitors from the display menu in linux.

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