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How can I transfer .txt-file from LabVIEW to DIAdem SCRIPT?

I´m using Labview to collect measures and transfer them to Diadem.
but how can I transfer .txt-file from LabVIEW  to DIAdem SCRIPT?
thanks for your help!
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I don't have DIADem at my current laptop.

But what is that you want?
Do you want to run some special txt file as a script command set? There should be a VI to run script commands from LabVIEW in DIADem script, just open the text file and read it's contents.

In the same way you could create a script line that sets some variable that contains your filename.

I'm not too experienced on script so maybe you can better post a such a question on the DIADem forum

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 Have you tried the Diadem Forum?
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THX!!!Smiley Wink
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For anyone who still needs a way to read TXT files in DIAdem, I have created a Community Example Program for this:


Reading and Writing TXT to Report with DIAdem Script - Discussion Forums - National Instruments

Eric H.
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