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How can I take the photo by capture the photo, plot the graph(control chart) in the same times and export to Excel File

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I want to do my sample of the project  following these steps.


 1. Create the template for compare other objects.

 2. Save the template and ready for compare realtime with other objects  




1. Use the CCTV video camera Sony capture the picture of the object (lego toys).

2. Calculate the size of the objects and change to mm.

3. Compare with the template and plot graph(Control chart) by length

4.  Export the data to Excel Files

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Nice project !

I sincerely hope you are not expecting us to do your homework.

What is your experience with LabVIEW ? 

May be you should try to start to code something and then come back later with some more specific question ? 😉

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Chilly Charly    (aka CC)
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I learnt from the example files now I can capture the photo by snapshot.


I calculated the resolution of the camera  and  I can measure the size of the  objects already.

I tried to clamp the photo but It can't works.


I also tried in Vision Assistant program and it's working but I want to do in LabVIEW Program I known that it's possible that I can create VIs files from Vision Assistant program

but I want to know how to create and wire the blog diagram. 


Could someone do me the favor to give me more idea,please 

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Accepted by gameafro

Not sure about the meaning of your last message. To create a VI from Vision assistant, all you have to do is to to go to menu Tools > Create VI. This will create a VI in LabVIEW that can be further modified and adapted to your exact requirements, since its diagram is accessible.


Chilly Charly    (aka CC)
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